Is this the ‘Netflix’ of perfume shopping?

Given the huge popularity of algorithm-driven subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, can this model effectively be applied to selecting scent? One Swedish company seem to think so. Sniph are a quirky new subscription service, which serves you up a medley of miniature perfumes Netflix-style according to your personal preferences.

And when you start to think about it, it makes sense. Splashing out on a niche scent can normally feel like Russian roulette - it might have smelled nice in the shop but becomes too heavy or cloying a few hours on the skin. Plus for many, the thought of going to a crowded department store, bombarded by marketing materials and eager sales assistants might not be the best way to find your perfect perfume.

Lisa Kjellqvist, Co- founder and CEO explains further, “It’s such a tricky thing to decide what you’re going to look at or listen to if you enter any kind of digital service, there’s so much to choose from. But you go on Netflix you have categorisations and customised playlists etc. So that’s really where we got the idea from.”

She continues, “We didn’t want to make a complicated quiz, ‘tell us what kind of notes you love’ etc. We don’t ask about fragrance families and weird formal categorisations that people don’t relate to – we speak more in everyday language (‘I like clean and fresh scents etc.’). You can also tell us about other scents that you love which can give our algorithms a better idea of what to send.”

It certainly takes the hassle and agonising out of deciding which perfume to buy – each month you get delivered a miniature 9ml trial bottle of a niche, indie scent - that might normally cost upwards of £100 (you can go on to buy the full size if you’re really in love with it).

Interested in signing up? Head to their pop-up in Harvey Nichols which is on until October 3, or visit