Floris, A Rose For...

Floris is one of those historic brands that had been on my radar for a while, but I’d up to now overlooked in favour of more ‘edgy’ perfumeries, to my detriment. With the rise of niche fragrances, English heritage brands are coming out of the shadows and getting the attention they’re rightfully owed. Floris is one such line – having been in business since 1730 with the original 89 Jermyn Street store still standing today.


Many of their new creations are future classics, such as their Fragrance Journals series paying scented homage to different time periods in London – the recent 1927 is a zesty aldehydic floral delightful time-travel back to the Roaring 20s, Evelyn Waugh, Diana Mitford and the like.

But their latest offering: A Rose For… (launching September 6th) is especially worth sniffing out. The name itself allows the perfume to be personalised to the wearer (the owner's name is written on the bottle, completing the title - clever eh?).  For me at least, it’s a ‘date night’ perfume, no doubt about that. Let me enlighten you...

Dating can be terrifying, especially for those of us who have had our hearts bruised if not broken – with many of us reluctant to go back into what can be a cesspit of sleazy Tinder propositions, bleary-eyed men in bars and regrettable texts to old flames whose numbers should have been deleted forever. But when it’s good, it can be a lot of fun. Not least the getting ready part before you actually meet them, with frantic texts to girlfriends on the merits of plum-hued lipstick versus scarlet, the last-minute check in the mirror and the can of G&T en route to calm your nerves. Fragrance can make a world of difference – especially when it comes to giving you some much-needed chutzpah to help get you in the right zone. Plus if the evening goes to plan, your perfume can work as an unintentional calling card (a date once text me to say my scent was still lingering on his coat several days later).

As the name suggests, A Rose For… is a classic rose scent – nothing striking avant-garde or experimental so far. And to be honest, with 'date' fragrance it's a good idea to play it safe – like wearing your hair loose and tucked behind your ears as opposed to some wacky Daphne Guinness-style up ‘do. At first I was a little underwhelmed it has to be said. But left to warm up on the skin and it told a different story. Notes of amber, oud and vanilla provide an alluring backdrop, and take the main rose note from a simple pretty floral to something far more provocative and enveloping. Basically, this concoction delivers the goods. It’s the equivalent of red lipstick, freshly blow dried hair, kitten heels, low necklines and brand new lace underwear. If you've got a date night coming up, think of this as your perfume wingman – adding a Sophia Loren-like spring in your step. Available September 6th (£160).

Floris, 89 Jermyn St, St. James's, London SW1Y 6JH / 0330 134 0180f