The Autumn '17 Edit

As well as perfume, we're pretty passionate about all manner of beauty loot here at Scents and the City. So as well as the latest fragrant offerings to make city life a little more bearable, we thought we'd give you a quick run down of our favourite hair and skincare saviours to have caught our attention too...


Left to right: Vilhelm Parfumerie - Purple Fig Not only is the vivid yellow bottle compact enough to fit in a handbag, this zesty concoction, with a warm kick of cedar wood is the ideal scent for those who hate more traditional "girly" florals. 

Borghese - Fango Active Mud For Face & Body When it comes to congested city skin, a decent face mask is worth investing in (none of this 99p sachet nonsense thank you very much). This gorgeous green mud exfoliates, hydrates and detoxifies, leaving your complexion happy and glowing for your troubles. (Coming soon to Liberty.)

Omorovicza Midnight Radiance Mask Speaking of skin treatments that work hard and then some, this overnight miracle worker has brought my tired, stressed thirty-something skin back from the brink. This dual-purpose formula exfoliates with salicylic acid and adds a good slug of hydration thanks to hyaluronic acid (the Don of all skincare ingredients). It's an investment, but you will see every penny of this on your face.

Sachajuan Hair Repair I've grown rather fond of this cult Swedish haircare brand, and this frizz-fighting concoction is partly why. With protein and mineral-infused sea algae extracts, it restores parched, dry tresses - slather it on and leave for 15 minutes for it to work its magic.

Lixir Universal Emulsion Any brand that insists we need to reduce the amount of products we need to use on our skin - instead of cluttering up our bathrooms - gets my vote. And this stuff is case in point. It's designed to use on the face and body, as a day cream (there's a natural SPF 10 in there - but I'd suggest putting sunscreen on top), night cream or a serum base for foundation. Developed by dermo-pharmacist Colette Haydon, the gel-like formula doesn't suffocate the skin and hydrates for hours. 

Votary Blemish Rescue Oil An oil for spots you say? Bear with me, as this stuff actually works. (Fun fact: massaging and moisturising spots is a quicker way to shift them than toothpaste or ultra drying treatments.) This has been battling my hormonal breakouts and winning, with the help of good old salicylic as well as calming rice and oat oil. Apply it over the offending spot in question and leave overnight to do its thing. A pre-date night must-have.

Glossier Super Bounce I tend not to bombard my skin with lotions and potions of a morning - only to have them sweat off under my foundation. Yet, during the colder months, I'm adding a bit of this plumping hyaluronic acid-infused serum, just to give the complexion a little wake up call and replenish whatever moisture's been zapped by leaving the central heating on overnight (no, I can't tough it out when it's cold).

Lalique Vanille Room Spray So many of my acquaintances with kids or cats complain that they can't burn scented candles for fear of them being toppled over. Lalique have the solution with this stunning - yet decidedly non-sickly - vanilla room spray, ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth, it cuts through cooking odours and musty air and makes getting in from work all the more pleasant. (Available in store at Lalique, Burlington Arcade)

Le Labo Hinoki Body Lotion When it comes to scent that stays on, sometimes you're better off investing in your body lotion - especially when it smells as bloody marvellous as this stuff. The New York perfumery have raised the bar when it comes to scented body lotion - swapping the conventional dainty floral fare for something a lot more earthy, smoky and seriously addictive. Plus it's got sweet almond and avocado oil in there too to keep dry skin at bay.