Fire by Mary Greenwell

A little cracker of a scent for those days when you need a bit of extra rocket fuel ...

Never underestimate the power of perfume to pep you up - not least Fire by Mary Greenwell. ‘Fire’ (pictured above with 'Lemon') is one of the latest scents by the make-up artist Greenwell - a Vogue regular, who has worked with the likes of Brooke Shields, Princess Di, Gisele Bündche and Victoria Beckham. Greenwell is probably best known for her cult ‘Plum’ perfume.

I love the big fat heavy gold lid that dominates the bottle, making it a fetching addition to any dressing table. ‘Fire’ to me is especially significant this year. What a strange one 2016 is turning out to be, a great deal of political upheaval, mass tragedies and the passing on of so many beloved icons. Many people I know have found this year to be particularly difficult – is there something about the planets aligning? Mercury in retrograde? Who knows? I’m a beauty writer, not an astrologer. I have to say, I've had it pretty rough this year myself - certain situations have left me feeling weak and vulnerable – and as a result, my self-esteem has taken a severe knock. But it’s those delicious moments when we pick ourselves up and carry on – when we ‘fire’ ourselves up and continue the wonderfully British tradition of ‘getting on with things’ we realise our true mettle and that everything is going to turn out ok. To me, ‘Fire’ is the epitome of that. It’s actually a unisex scent so the chaps can get in on it too. A crackling concoction of pepper, jasmine and tuberose – cut through with fresh citrus notes, followed by a blaze of amber, leather and musks – this scent is the epitome of those days when you shake of your doldrums and get your spark back.

I've just noticed Fire is available at The Fragrance Shop for £28.50 (usually it's £95!) Shop it here