Hatchards, St Pancras Station

There’s something about books and scent that go so well together isn’t there?

Book shops are my second favourite type of shop to spend ridiculous amounts of time in (perfumeries being the first). Gazing at the cryptic covers and wondering what the story behind each one is. Having a nose at what other people are buying. And Hatchards St Pancras (a little off-shoot of the history Piccadilly store) is a good place to while away the hours and find some decent reading matter while you're at is. They've got so many English literary classics here, anglophiles fresh off the Eurostar will have no cause for complaint.

There are mini-descriptions by staff members, explaining why they've chosen this or that book as a recommended read. Although the Hatchards brand is now owned by Waterstones, it has a rather more quirky offering (you won't find Katie Price's biography here for starters) and they also have a coffee shop for customers to chill and start leafing through into their newly purchased wares over an espresso or four...

Hatchards, 1, St Pancras International, St Pancras Station, Euston Rd, London N1C 4QP

Open 7:30am - 9pm Mon - Sat; 8am-8pm Sundays