Juliette Has A Gun - Into the Void (& Mmmm)

Perfumer Romano Ricci gets some unusual inspiration for his latest scent.

When I was little, my chosen ambitions were milkman (or ‘milk-person’ /whatever...) aged 5, a turtle (of the Teenage Mutant Ninja ilk) aged 6 and astronaut aged 7. I was obsessed with going into space - and how the hell did space and the planets ‘start’? And what was before that and when did that ‘start’? And so on and so forth. I was told not to watch television because I would get “square eyes” and “they won’t let you be an astronaut if you have square eyes.” Sadly this tactic didn’t work and my desire to watch Saturday morning cartoons outranked my desire to brave new frontiers on behalf of humankind. So yes, my plans of being an astronaut didn’t exactly pan out but I’m still fascinated with space. So much so that I’ve been scheduling date nights with a certain Prof. Brian Cox via Netflix - whose ‘The Wonders of the Solar System’ series I definitely suggest checking out.

Yet my love of astronomy and my love of perfumery rarely have the chance to cross over. So I was happy to discover one of the latest scents by Juliette Has A Gun was inspired by black holes. “Into The Void” – is packed with a good ol’ woodsy extravaganza of papyrus and sandalwood (one of the sexiest notes in the known universe), liquorice and black orchid – resulting in a rich and mellow concoction I would happily be marooned on a lonely planet with.


The scent is from their new ‘Luxury Collection’ so it smells expensive yet it’s a bit of a space oddity at the same time. I admire the perfumer (founder of Juliette Has A Gun) Romano Ricci for daring to stick his neck out and venture into the unknown. This may sound morbid but I love the idea of the abyss, of nothingness, of non-existence. I grew up surrounded by religion (Jewish mother, Catholic-raised Christian father) so there’s a sense of taking life for granted (because, well it’s eternal so they say). Not sure what I believe, but there’s something comforting about this life being "all there is and after than there's nothing", in a way I can’t exactly explain.

But for those who would really rather not ponder questions of life after death, in everyday terms "Into The Void" is a ‘zshh up’ scent, like slicking on a red lipstick, or sporting three coats of mascara just to dial up the glamour a notch.  In stark contrast there’s also “Mmmm…” which chimes more with the cheeky ingénue "Juliette" conjured up by Ricci when he founded the perfumery (the name is inspired by Shakespeare’s famous romantic heroine, but instead of a tragic ending, she comes back with pistol-toting vengeance). With its raspberry pink and silver bottle, it’s a dreamy sunny scent for the Instagram generation – a pretty melody of vanilla and orange blossom, yet there’s nothing overly sugary or sweet about it. It’s an ideal ‘first scent’ for younger fragrance fans, but still chic enough for a mature Parisian broad, Fendi bag in hand, Gauloise in the other.