Lust in Candle Form

Our new favourite candle is more seductive than Veuve Clicquot and Barry White combined ...

Continuing our obsession with the early 20th Century, we’ve lit a candle that makes one's flat smell like Marlene Dietrich's dressing room, such is the potency of the jasmine involved (one of the sexiest notes in perfumery FYI). IDEO’s Jasmine de Beyrouth is the creation of husband and wife team Ludmila and Antoine Bitar and is named after the latter's native city of Beirut. It’s their most popular scent and it’s no surprise once you’ve lit it. It can turn any drab, grey English bedroom into a Mediterranean summer house – with a hefty dose of jasmine and Mediterranean that can be smelled from Tooting to Poplar.  

Ludmila was a perfumer for L’Oreal and the story goes, marketing mogul Antoine was drawn to her perfume before he’d even introduced himself to her. Once the two became an item, they combined their talents and IDEO perfumery range was born,, their scents reflecting their globe-trotting lifestyle. ‘London to Mumbai’ – one of their newly-launched body scents - is an extraordinary feat of perfumery, capturing the essence of a preened and polished London gent heading out of the barber shop with lavender and citrus notes - before heading off to the scorched shores of Mumbai with enveloping spices, bitter orange balm and cinnamon. Given the fascination with the East throughout the early 20th Century, I’m sure both scents would have gone down a storm with the Bright Young Things of the Roaring Twenties.

IDEO Jasmine de Beyrouth Candle is £35 available at Liberty