Cocktail Hour with Escentric Molecules

Hawksmoor Spitalfields have created some jazzy new cocktails inspired by Escentric Molecules fragrances

Perfume and cocktails have always enjoyed a very close relationship. If you like one, there's a good chance you'll like the other. Each are synonymous with living the 'high life' - you feel you have to dress up a bit for them - not to mention they can be described in a similar terms "it's got a hint of this ... an essence of that" etc. Not surprisingly, this author spends a lot of time consuming both ...

Hence when you get one inspired by the other it's a match made in heaven. Case in point, the new cocktails at Hawksmoor Bar in Spitalfields inspired by the scents Escentric 02 and Molecule 02 by maverick perfumer Geza Schoen. Schoen is probably one of the most interesting "noses" on the block - flipping the idea of a traditional perfume (with a chorus line of scent 'notes' e.g. fruits, flowers, spices etc.) on its head - and devising a perfume based around one single synthetic note.

The result is a scent that's worlds apart from anything you've ever smelled - in a dinky, handbag-friendly bottle. Whenever I wear his most famous scent Molecule 01 - which is based around the chemical Iso E Super - I get compliments. It just smells ... different (something to do with the way it works with your body's natural pheromones - ooh err). Molecule 02 is an equally smooth operator, with ambroxan as its single note (a synthesised version of ambergris, a secretion from the sperm whale) which has a somewhat "clean-shaven", masculine quality to it (although all scents are unisex) while Escentric 02 is one for you G&T fans apparently, as it combines the ambroxan green jasmine bud accord and a dash of Austrian lemonade called almdudler which combine to make it quite a zippy little number.


Of all three cocktails, my favourite was the Drydown (below) which is similar to a gimlet (a popular 1920s tipple, consisting of gin, lime and soda)  - designed to be crisp and fresh but with an earthy kick at the end, much like these pretty perfumes. The cocktails' creator is Ali Reynolds, Hawksmoor's award-winning mixologist, so it's safe to say this chap knows his onions when it comes to decent grog. 

Escentric Molecules perfumes are available at Cult Beauty

The cocktails inspired by the scents are available at Hawksmoor Spitalfields until the end of May. 

157A Commercial St, London E1 6BJ / 020 7426 4850