Roja Parfums, Mayfair

The twinkliest place to shop for scent

Burlington Arcade is fast becoming a perfume mecca for luxury niche fragrances, with the likes of Chanel Perfumes, True Grace and Frederic Malle setting up shop. But I was extra keen to visit Roja Parfums, whose previous abode was on the 5th floor of Harrods. Its founder Roja Dove is one of the fragrance world's most colourful characters - his expertise on scent is renowned and it's definitely worth going to see him give one of his famous talks, as trust me - you will learn a lot. His own range of scents are real showstoppers - rich ouds, Egyptian jasmine and sparkling aldehydes that pack a real punch, in perfume or candle format.

His first standalone store opened last year - with displays designed by Lalique and glistening surfaces everywhere you look, Mr. Dove doesn't hold back in the glamour stakes. Although the man himself might not be in the store 24/7, his charming assistants are super knowledgeable and incredibly sweet when I turned up to shoot the store (stressed and knackered, with about three bags in tow!). 

The bottles themselves will look stunning on a dressing table, they have a real Marlene Dietrich/Mae West-type allure to them, with their pretty bejewelled lids. My absolute favourite is Reckless - a heady white floral which smells like how I imagine slipping on a tiara feels. Heavenly.

Roja Parfums is located at 51 The Burlington Arcade, 51 Piccadilly, London W1J 0QJ

Opening hours 10 - 6