Movie Night with Gorilla Perfumes

Cinema that's scented - what's not to like?

As someone who pulled an all-nighter to watch the Oscars yesterday, it's safe to say I'm obsessed with films almost as much as fragrance. So naturally I jumped at the chance to pop down to LUSH on Oxford Street to visit their Gorilla Perfumes  pop-up 'Scented Cinema' based around their 'Sun' fragrance. Entry is free for all (woo hoo), although you need to book in advance.

As you can see, the mini cinema was styled as a 'drive-through' with free popcorn to boot. A really lovely idea of LUSH's and a great choice of film - 2000's Almost Famous. If you're a fan of the Boho, folk music scene of 1970s San Francisco - something the Gorilla Perfumes brand is definitely inspired by - then I'd suggest giving Almost Famous a watch, if only to gaze in awe at a baby-faced Zooey Deschanel and Kate Hudson in their first major roles.

Watching a film being immersed in scent was definitely an interesting experience (sadly dampened by the noisy customers in the room next door). It's a bit like a film's soundtrack, after a while you begin not to notice it but it definitely adds a little extra something. Unlike many of Gorilla Perfumes' smoky, earthy creations, 'Sun' is - unsurprisingly - bright and uplifting with fizzing tangerine and pretty mimosa notes, underscored by soft sandalwood. It reminded me a bit of Kate Hudson's groupie character Penny Lane in the film: all sparkle and charm masking an endearing softness which slowly becomes apparent.

Another highlight of the evening was checking out the Gorilla Perfumes installation next to the 'movie theatre'. Slightly bonkers but brilliant all the same. It's a shame more scent brands can't be this experimental ...

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To book tickets for the next screenings, call Lush Oxford Street reception on 020 7789 0001 or email and await confirmation. Visit the Gorilla Perfumes' Facebook page to find out screening times.