Positive Vibes

Exploring the art of Reiki healing with Suzannah Jenkins ...

Having spent almost a decade living in a built-up city, the desire to practise positivity goes from some fanciful New Age notion to a desperate attempt to stay sane during the rush hour commute ... or when you read the latest grim news story ...or are just trying to keep afloat and pay the rent in a city where more and more people are at the mercy of greedy landlords and rising house prices.

Hence I've been devoting a great deal more time and energy over the past few years to try and become a more positive person, as I do believe it can make a substantial difference to your mental, as well as physical health - not to mention your productivity levels. This has meant regular yoga classes and 10 minutes meditation each morning - and yes, maybe sharing the odd inspiring quote on Instagram (we've all done it...). And then there's getting in touch with what one might call the "spiritual side" of things. Having come from a fairly religious background (a number of different religions to make things even more complicated) I've always been curious about life having a spiritual dimension to it, despite the fact that I'm no longer what you'd call religious myself.

With this in mind, I've recently been drawn to learning about the ancient healing art of Reiki. Having amassed quite a sizeable collection of healing crystals on my dressing table. I like to believe they each have energies that can be channeled to heal and ward off negative energy.  I decided to delve more into this centuries-old practise, by speaking to Reiki facialist and Suti Skincare co-founder Suzannah Jenkins.

I've met Suzannah previously in my former guise as a beauty editor for a lifestyle magazine. She and her sister-in-law founded Suti skincare, an organic range featuring a whole host of delicious natural and organic ingredients, infused with healing energy thanks to the crystals they work with. I've also visited her treatment rooms and had the Suti Core Facial which again, incorporates the healing powers of crystals (I was so relaxed, I drifted off before I could take that many notes - but the state of my skin afterwards was testament to Suzannah's work).

But this time we met to chat, it was less about skincare tips and more about the art of Reiki in general - and how "getting rid of baggage" is essential for making any sort of positive change...

Briefly what is Reiki healing? It is a free flow of energy that comes through the hands. When you put hands on somebody or something you're creating energy within it, you're creating an energetic resonance within that substance. ‘Rei’ is golden light and ‘ki’ is the key to life to make changes and live by the Reiki Principles. It can often be used to shine a light on issues and allow you to make a significant changes in your life. Sometimes it's really hard, but worth it to make a positive change. 

How long have you been interested in it? I lived in Hong Kong and was introduced to it back in 1996, through an interior design course I was taking. (The tutor was a Reiki master).  When I returned home, I began to study other healing principles such as reflexology, aromatherapy and homeopathy, but have now gone full circle and have come back to Reiki as it is such a beautiful way to live life.  

What are the main benefits Reiki can bring to our lives? Can anyone practise it? Reiki healing is an ability we all have - and it can benefit all aspects of your life. Through Reiki you can make changes on so many levels, from careers to relationships. It creates a foundation of strength so you can embark on a path of substantial change. But you can't move forward if you still have stuff you’ve not dealt with, or haven't cleared away. It's like having a bag of rubbish, and putting lovely fresh stuff into it - all your doing is squashing the rubbish underneath and it will all become unpleasant. The important thing is to "clear the bag out" first and pour all the beautiful new energy into it. If you don't create room, nothing has the space to come in. It's all about letting go and "de-cluttering" those things which don't belong in your life any longer.  

How do you incorporate Reiki healing principles into your facials? As I said before, Reiki is all about flow of energy; so throughout my facials, I direct energy from my hands to where it's needed most. This helps clear blockages and tension within the body, as well as aid lymphatic drainage and impart energetic vibrations into the skin and beyond - right into the core of the body. I first go through certain procedures before the client arrives (and after they leave) so the energy is in the room is clear for them. I work with crystals as part of the treatment - the client either holds them or I apply them to the face and body. Crystals impart energetic and healing vibrations into the skin and the core of the body - their energy flows deeply into the dermis and beyond.  Clients always report a wonderful sense of well-being, not just immediately after a treatment but for up to a week after.

What are good 'beginners' practises' for those interested in getting into Reiki? Be properly prepared, do your homework for a good Reiki Master to help guide and support you through your journey - healing is not always easy. It’s essential to be able to trust and surrender to a process sometimes in life and see what comes.

And lastly, are there any new products from the Suti range you're particularly proud of?  They’re all very beautiful - the Purity Gentle Balm is my particular favourite though, it’s protective and is an important part of the healing journey.  We have to learn to look after ourselves and sometimes this can be difficult, Purity Balm, allows us to do this - just by applying and massaging it into any part of our bodies.


Enquire about the Suti Core Facial at hello@sutiskincare.com

Suzannah is based once a month at Oh Darling! 226 Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, London SW14 8AH Ph: 020 8876 7226