Fathom V and Close To My Heart

From gothic seas to teenage crushes - two new gorgeous scents for dark autumn days ...

Full fathom five thy father lies;  Of his bones are coral made; Those are pearls that were his eyes; Nothing of him that doth fade; But doth suffer a sea-change; Into something rich and strange.

      Ariel’s Song

Any perfume that takes inspiration from Shakespeare’s The Tempest already gets my vote. Fathom V (taking its name from the above poem) is the latest scent from new niche British perfumery Beaufort London - a collection of masculine scents inspired by the sea and London’s history as a trading port. Fathom V explores the idea of “sea-change” - it’s a salty, mossy seadog of a scent – infused with rich spices and pepper (a nod to those goods that were brought by merchants from the East and landed on London’s docks presumably). It’s ideal if you’re after something a little dark and stormy for autumn/winter that yet isn’t too overpowering. The sleek black bottle with giant stopper also makes a charming side table addition. £95 for 50ml beaufortlondon.com

From the dark depths of the deep blue, to something altogether more whimsical and romantic, Close To My Heart is the latest Azzi Glasser scent for designer Bella Freud. Housed in a rich red bottle it croons out a sweet love ballad of tuberose, oudh and sandalwood. It reminds me of the delicate florals I wore in the days of pre-teen birthday parties where the boys stood on one side of the room, the girls on the other – resulting in bittersweet romances that took place in one’s head and never played out in real life. These were the best kinds of “relationship” - although said person inspired countless diary scribblings, initialled hearts on your textbook and mix tape compilations - it was actually impossible to get really, truly hurt. Plus the object of one’s affection was never in danger of falling off the pedestal you’d placed them upon in your mind. Close To My Heart connotes a love confined to the dream world of adolescent longing, as opposed to the reality of the person snoring next to you. £95 for 50ml available at Fenwick Bond Street and www.libertylondon.com