A Beauty Science Lesson at LCF Formulates

Ever wondered what exactly goes into a fragrance or face cream? If you're nearby Carnaby Street tomorrow or this Saturday, the London College of Fashion are holding a mini pop-up exhibition "LCF Formulates" where cosmetic science students take you through the process of mixing up lotions and potions. We headed down earlier today to make our own scented body lotion in the "lab"...

We were talked through the different components that make up a lotion - that each cream is an emulsion system, made up of water, oil and a stabilising material (to stop the former two ingredients separating) as well as emollients to lock moisture into the skin and create a smooth surface, as well as preservatives to stop the formula from getting mouldy (nice!).

There are also mini displays providing insider info on the latest "it" ingredients in skincare and haircare fragrance. It also showcases the story behind the brilliant MDMFlow - a lipstick brand inspired by 90s Hip Hop artists, the brainchild and creation of LCF Cosmetics Science graduate Florence Adepoju. There's a video featuring Florence talking about the brand, as well as the gorgeous range of lippies on display.

LCF Formulates is on until October 15th open daily 11.00am - 7.00pm

Unit 2.16, Second floor of Kingly Court London W1B 5PW

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