What Is London Style?

I was recently asked what London style is - how would you define it? 

Taking a stab I’d say when it comes to London style, everything is understated glamour with a slightly tomboyish or vintage edge: oversized sweater dress, shiny brogues, a suit jacket, or a tailored shirt mixed up with a statement bag, blow dry or bright costume jewellery. Plus our love of vintage is showing no signs of waning, hence lots of us are fond of voluminous 70s-style dresses, perhaps worn with a blazer and sturdy boots – (nothing too ‘delicate’ mind).

I think the below images/animations pretty much sum up how I feel about London style - enjoy...


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My piece for @Dramaticneed The Children's Monologues, illustrating 'Mama the Storm is Outside'

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Mad for it - @miumiu clubby resort collection worn with @coach #CoachHoliday on blog now

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I think the way Londoners dress is similar to the perfumes they wear. Similarly with fragrance, the pretty florals or jazzy citrus numbers are better suited to our friends in warmer climates. We prefer something with a bit of grit and guts - Miller Harris L'Air de Rien (created for Jane Birkin who wanted a perfume that reminded her of 'old libraries'), or a smoky oud - props to the glamorous ladies in Knightsbridge ...

What does London style mean to you? Tweet me or leave a comment ...