8 Reasons Why A 'Signature Scent' Is A Bad Idea

People always talk about a 'signature scent' and - while I'd never dream of telling someone how they should be wearing perfume - I thought I'd jot down a few reasons why I necessarily wouldn't. Not that I don't understand the appeal - who wouldn't want to be associated with Chanel No.5 or Rive Gauche? Plus, seeing as perfume is so personal, I get how it can become someone's 'essence', their olfactory calling card if you like.

BUT ... I don't believe there is such a thing as a 'scent soulmate' - not least because variety is the spice of life after all. There are so many gorgeous perfumes out there, why limit yourself? Scroll down and see if you agree ... 

1. You wouldn't wear the same clothes everyday. (Unless you're Lisa Simpson.) Or eat the same food everyday. Or listen to the same music everyday. So why would you want to be stuck with the one perfume?

2. Your nose can get used to a certain scent - so if you wear the same one day in, day out it will become 'stale' (the same way if you listened to your favourite song every morning for months on end, you'd soon tire of it).

3. Perfume can reflect or enhance your mood. By switching up scents, you might find some are more uplifting on certain days than others.

4. Why would you need people to remember you by your scent? If people need to smell something to remember you, you obviously weren't that important to them to begin with. Why bother with these people? Why, I ask you...?

5. And following on from point 4 - If you always smell good, people will remember you anyway. So what's wrong with them thinking 'she always smells nice' as opposed to 'she always smells of Tabac Blonde' etc.? 

6. Scents can remind us of certain momentous occasions in our lives. Like what you wore on your first date, or when you had that big presentation to do. So if you wore the same perfume to every event, that scent wouldn't remind you of any one thing in particular, everything would just merge into one, would it? Meh...

7. Choosing what perfume you're going to wear that day is fun  - like when you play a computer game and you select what character you're going to be, it's nice to mix it up. Plus, a collection of perfumes also looks more eye-catching on a dressing table than just one pitiful, lonesome bottle.

8. Unless you pay top dollar to have a bespoke scent whizzed up for you, there will always be someone who has the same perfume and smells the same as you. Why would you want your 'signature scent' to be something someone else could wear? It's like dedicating everyday of your life to the same man, when you know there are other ladies on the scene... Uh uh.

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