Tracey Neuls, Shoreditch

An artistic take on shoe shopping...

Although I like a new pair of shoes as much as the next red-blooded female, I'm not one of those ladies who obsessively trawls the high street, staring wistfully at stilettos through shop windows. I know many, many people who love it but personally, I much prefer to shoe shop online, even if I do eventually have to send things back if they don't fit correctly. To be honest, I don't like the smell of lots of clean shoes (or dirty shoes either come to that!) and always feel guilty sending the sales assistants back if the size they've brought doesn't fit. But when it comes Tracey Neuls, shoe shopping is a completely different experience...

For a start, the assistants aren't stressed or barking orders into walkie-talkies. The shoes are suspended on string, bobbing about like benevolent spiders. There are no overwhelming amount of styles displayed side by side, military style. The team change their displays throughout the year and each one is like a mini art installation. (The last time I was there, there was a large dining table in the middle of the store, set for dinner with shoes on each plate.)

Of course, this is Redchurch Street in the heart of Shoreditch, so quirkiness is to be expected...

These shoes aren't for your delicate stiletto-loving types - each sole is made from plasticine clay moulds carved by the designer, unusual and made to last. They're totally wearable - not wonderfully bonkers in the manner of Irregular Choice, but a little different nonetheless. They're the type of shoes that attract comments but can be thrown together with workwear or for a smart-casual evening combo and won't jar with the rest of the outfit.  I had my eye on some bright silver 'David Bowie'-type ankle boots but sadly my size had all sold out. (Advice: if you like a style, you'd better move quickly...) She also has a whole 'Bike' range for keen cyclists on the look out for soles that won't slip out of the pedals but look stylish too. It's definitely worth popping in the next time you're in Shoreditch. Nearest stations are Old Street and Shoreditch High Street.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 11-6 (Closed on Monday)

73 Redchurch Street

London, E2 7DJ

0207 018 0872